Confronting the Skills Crisis And Workforce
Challenges of the New World Economy


Volume 2, Number 2

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In this issue:

  • Conference News
  • News from the CRC Consortium


  • The Southeastern WorkKeys conference is NEXT WEEK!! See you in Chattanooga!
  • ACTE has announced its Call for Presentations for the 2008 Convention scheduled for December 4-6 in Charlotte, NC. Visit to submit a proposal.
  • The next Midwest WorkKeys™ conference will be hosted by the Oklahoma Department of Commerce in partnership with the Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce at the end of October 2008 in Oklahoma City.


  • Victor Fuda ( at the Connecticut Department of Labor is investigating how to issue CRCs to TANF recipients. The state has been added to the Consortium matrix and this brings the number of states involved to 46!! Welcome CT. If you are already issuing CRCs to TANF recipients in your state, please contact Victor with any advice and to share your experiences with him.
  • CORRECTION--In the last newsletter, in the report from Oklahoma, there was a reference to the use of ALCHEMY and Keytrain assessments. Both ALCHEMY and Keytrain provide training CURRICULA , not assessments. We apologize for this error.

    Susan Kuzmic has notified us that the total of CRCs issued in OK is now 13,502.

  • Other states continue to make extraordinary progress. Virginia has issued 14,193, North Carolina 10,965, and Alabama's number is 7639. If you would like to see your state mentioned here, please send in your numbers ( .
  • From Utah, Rick Graham has sent news that Salt Lake Community College has been working for the last 6 months with the Jordan School District to assess students in the Applied Technology Center in Sandy, UT. To date, 135 students have been assessed and certificates issued.
  • Elaine Crawley ( is the Workforce & Education Liaison for Special Projects for Oregon. She is coordinating the state's CRC initiative. Elaine is working closely and sharing information with Marcia Olsen who is heading the Alaska CRC initiative. This demonstrates the strength of the CRC Consortium as an affiliation of independent states all working toward a common goal.

In case you haven't visited the CRCC web site recently (, here is what the Consortium currently looks like.

Kentucky Kansas Idaho
Indiana Pennsylvania DC
Virginia Colorado Connecticut
Louisiana Iowa Nebraska
Missouri West Virginia California
North Carolina Wyoming Delaware
Oklahoma Arkansas Maryland
Alabama Nevada Rhode Island
Tennessee Washington Illinois
New Mexico Ohio New Jersey
Florida Arizona Montana
Georgia Alaska Minnesota
Mississippi Massachusetts North Dakota
Michigan Texas  
South Carolina Oregon  
  New York  
15 states
18 states
13 states


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